3D Alhaitham Mousepad
3D Alhaitham Mousepad

3D Alhaitham Mousepad

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Introducing the ultimate 3D Ergonomic Mousepad featuring the brilliant scholar Alhaitham! Designed with comfort in mind, the raised chest feature of this mousepad provides the perfect resting spot for your wrist, helping to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and other wrist injuries~ It ensures maximum comfort during prolonged use, making it perfect for gamers, students, and professionals alike. It's a great way to show off your love for this beloved character while also getting a top-quality mousepad that provides exceptional performance and comfort :D

Besides the standard version, the spicier option features his nipnops elevated so you can fidget with them when you're bored~

All our mousepads are made with anti-pilling Japanese 2 Way silk! We have the highest quality in the market! Super silky and durable <3


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