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Absolutely amazing, quality is perfect for both the material and picture, seller is super nice and friendly 100% recommend, i even got my partner to buy one too and they chose the blade one and are also very happy with it ^^ def plan on collecting more in the future. <3

United States

Gave this mousepad to a friend and she LOVED it. She thought the extra buds on the chest were hilarious. The quality of the product is also very good. The print is nice.

Los Angeles, CA

Received it some days ago, way earlier than expected and i am insanely happy i bought it! Radiant colors and the fabric feels really good<3 It's soft, perfect to cuddle with. Would 100% recommend buying it<3

Byun Qian

When it said 3D it really meant 3D lol. Quality feels nice, the chest is a nice softness and does its job well. Contemplating another character now...

United Kingdom

I got the 2 way tricot upgrade of the texture and it is amazing, the quality is soo clearr! I was so happy when I saw jing yuan cause he's my favorite character and I adore the design on the pillow case, he's such a pretty guy (^_^)

United States